And So It Begins..

The launching of pasaramal.

Well, nothing really special with this launch actually, we’re just announcing it via facebook (@pasar.amal.project), tapi setidaknya we’re progressing after years! yeaay. Meskipun begitu, masih banyak pe-er yang harus dilakukan, terutama ketiadaan sales :p. We understand that we haven’t reached our target audience yet, we’re still figuring out the channel to do so. In the mean time masih banyak barang yang harus difoto, promosi untuk donasi barang dan list-list yang harus dilakukan lainnya hufft..  a long homework to do.

On the bright side, we have two additional support, means: new brain, new feedback. We have new place for donation (Burung Bangau Kertas). We also have official website, special thanks to our supporter Aslam, an instagram (@pasaramal) and soon will joining our first offline event yeaay!

Daan begitulah saudara-saudara perkembangan project #pasaramal sampai saat ini. Semoga pasar amal bisa tetap berlanjut dan berkembang nantinya ya. Wish us luck and also please support us

Karena di Pasar Amal, beramal jadi lebih menyenangkan <3

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